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How does the insurance work?
The policy uses clever black box technology to monitor how you're driving and encourage you to be a safe and responsible driver. There's lots more information about our insurance here
What is the difference between HP and PCP?
All these letters can be tricky to get your head around, so this is what they mean... PCP stands for Personal Contract Plan (or Purchase) and you can take this out for 2, 3 or 4 years. You'll pay a deposit and then make monthly payments. Then at the end of the agreement you can either make your final payment and own the car, hand the car back to the finance company or use it as a trade in for your next one. HP (or Hire Purchase) is done over a longer amount of time, from 3 to 5 years. At the end of the agreement there's no lump sum or final payment for you to make and the car belongs to you.
What happens with my insurance after the first year?
Marmalade will send you a renewal which we hope you think is a fair offer, but you don't have to take it and if you can find a more suitable policy somewhere else you can move your insurance.
Who covers maintenance costs on my car?
You'll have to cover all the service and maintenance costs on the car yourself.
Do I have to have a black box fitted?
Yes, but it is a good thing, honestly! You see, our insurance policy uses the black box technology to monitor how you're driving. We know that this helps encourage you to drive more safely and reduces the risk of you having an accident. This all means that we can offer really good deals on the insurance too.
What level of cover is provided by the insurance?
The insurance is a comprehensive policy, which means you are covered for damage caused to your vehicle, theft of your vehicle, windscreen damage and other things such as medical expenses following an accident.